My current favourite photo:

This baby bison lay relaxing in the grass just north of Muncho Lake, BC.


My newest (west) image:

An aerial view of Honeymoon Island on Muncho Lake, BC.

Speirling Images (A division of Amy's Industries)

My newest (east) image:

Two Atlantic Puffins fighting during mating season on a little island off the coast of Newfoundland.

A speirling is a thunderstorm.  Like a thunderstorm, the opportunity for that perfect photo can pass by quickly so capture your precious moments with Speirling Images today.

To order prints, please contact me with the preferred photo, size, requested medium, email address and mailing address. Pricing can be found in the FAQ's section. Please specify if it is a rush order, as that will affect the shipping rate. I will send a PayPal invoice and begin processing your order within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

The Speirling Images Logo:

This image is unique; I captured the lightning that separates the two words using time lapse photography as it danced across the sky and combined it with the Northern Lights over Parker Lake, BC..